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I graduated a long time ago from Lord Beaverbrook knowing that I wanted to be an undersea welder.

Travel, adventure, big bucks. You get the picture. I went away to take the courses, got my certificates and . . .

LunchThere were no jobs in faraway romantic places. Something about 'downturns' and 'the economy'.
Instead I was attached to an air hose and a headlamp walking around small-town Alberta water reservoirs breaking off chunks of stuff you don't want to know is in the water we drink.

The money was the pits and the only advancement was to be the guy at the other end of the air hose reading a day old paper while trying to remember look over the air gauges once in a while.

I had contacts in the oil fields and I spent some time in the bush. Still do in the winter the months when I can't be in Mexico.

But one summer I was hired by an old 'tree guy' here in town. He loved trees. I loved trees. He taught me everything he knew. Then I started taking courses from the International Society of Arboriculture

There was really not enough work for the two of us so some years ago, I started buying the equipment I needed to run my own business.

Likely the best move I ever did. How many of us get to work in the areas we love?

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